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We rightly set the academic goals for prospective students. Choosing the right country as well as the right university for studying abroad can be a daunting task. With so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses are offered worldwide, making the right choice can be difficult. This choice however will be one of the most important decisions and ensuring that you choose wisely is critical. Our team helps aspiring students, choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges across the world by providing the best counselling and guidance to help students make the right decision at the right time. We offer useful study abroad application tips and guidance that help students get admission with ease
such as;


To ensure that we guide accurately on the best country, university and course; we first analyze the profile of the student. Based on academic qualifications, career goals, financial status and work experience, our team helps to choose the right course, university and country as per the students profile. Then discuss the shortlisted universities with the counselor before finalizing.


Standardized tests are to evaluate students and compare their aptitude & linguistic ability in a consistent manner through the tests such as IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE/ GRE/ GMAT/ GATE in order to target particular institutions. If the student has not taken any of the standardized tests that is required, our team will guide students to take such tests.


We provide expert guidance on document preparation such as Statement of Purpose, Curriculum Vitae and other required documents. Whilst students are responsible for drafting and collating the documents, our team will review to improve upon the content, grammar, tone and structure that ensures the profile presented to the chosen institutions professionally in the best possible manner.


Our expertise team will fill the university application forms and are submitted to the chosen universities. Student is expected to sit with experienced application professionals to ensure that all details are accurate and to confirm that student is satisfied with the final application that has to be submitted.


To help prepare for interviews that may be required by the chosen universities, we guide students with a number of interview preparatory sessions. The interview preparation sessions are conducted by professionals who have vast experience in interview techniques.


It is common knowledge that it is impossible to study in any university abroad without a relevant visa. Our Visa Counselling Services are geared towards helping students submit the right documents to ensure that there is no inadvertent delay or rejection. Our team provides comprehensive advice relating to the collation of the relevant documentation that needs to be submitted along with the visa application. We also guide through the key aspects of visa interview that students may have with the High Commission or Embassy.

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Our Guidance and Strategies

To make sure that all our guidance strategies are properly aligned with the preferences of the students, we assess the profile of the student in a thorough manner. Based on various parameters and other profile parameters, our team helps to select the precise course, university, and country as per the student’s profile. Subsequently, we organize various face-to-face sessions between students and counselors to make sure that all our students are comfortable with the admission process.

Our team of counselors is way apart in helping you prepare various types of documents. From Statement of Purpose to other important documents, we would actively guide you all along the admission process. Well, it is the students who would be responsible for preparing every document they need to gain admission in foreign universities. But our team would analyze the documents for common types of errors. We would act behind the scenes to ensure that your profile is presented in the best possible manner to the foreign universities.

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